TeamShop a 3 day workshop held at SUNY Fredonia with visual arts and new media students produced an eleven foot tall structure titled: WIP DeBomb.  The themes of the studio were easy, fast, cheap, and lavish.  Within these parameters the studio focused on how we could achieve a substantial built structure using digital tools and simple materials.

Participants were tasked to formally experiment in ways that were unfamiliar yet accessible. A sense that this was an introduction to a new way of looking at design and an opportunity to test things made this project a constant work in progress (WIP).  Rather than a refined product WIP DeBomb opens a discussion on how to build and design with limited means but extravagant taste. 

WIP DeBomb takes its form from the structure's interaction with the body, which can fit into the crevices accentuated by the fabric. The body, like the images projected on the structure, move, stretch, and join in relation to its form. Like us, WIP DeBomb is unfinished, easy, fast, cheap, and lavish.

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