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YouTube Channel Live
Finally!  Some of our videos over the past few years have finally made it to YouTube......better late than never we suppose.  lol  Just click on the link below to have look.
November 22, 2017 Dunkirk Observer
Adams Center Headline: " The Architecture firm plusFARM is ready to take over the Adams Art Gallery as soon as the property can be transferred.  However, they know it will be no small project.  Co-Directors William Haskas and Matei Denes told the Dunkirk Development Committee and around 20 residents in attendance about how they would like to return the soul back to the long-vacant building by making it a collaborative structure for art, events, and education."
November 21, 2017 Dunkirk Observer
Adams Center Headline: " With the first signs of Dunkirk's rebirth, there is also hope for a resurrection of one of the city's landmarks - the Adams Art Gallery.
Located on Central Avenue, the historic former church has sat vacant, further deteriorating.  Now there is a group interested in purchasing the building."

September 03, 2017 Dunkirk Observer
Playground Headline: " When you think of a playground, a slide, monkey bars and swings come to mind - all something that may not fit into the grassy triangle at Sixth and Main Streets.  Not Your Typical Playground.  The project is about free play and the idea is kids generate the content through their own imaginations.  The playground will have undulating surfaces, sand lots, landscaping for climbing, a perch and natural barriers (for safety)."  
The project will be designed, fabricated, and built with community members and volunteers from SUNY Fredonia.
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