Big Daddy's Cosmic Flaming Funhouse

Big Daddy’s Cosmic Flaming Funhouse is the result of a 10 day student workshop that examines a possibility of inexpensive digitally derived design techniques.  The digital was combined with traditional framing techniques to achieve a hybrid process that utilized the advantages of both systems

Using the digital in a tool box that includes photography, hand sketches, models, saws, and screws allows it to fill a role rather than dominate the conversation.  Each step and tool works as part of a larger process that leads to a built environment. 

We challenged the students to look at all scales of patterns in nature from clouds and hills to veins on leaves.  A grasshopper exercise allowed the students to bring these into an abstract scale and re-imagine them.  There was a looseness through out the use of the digital tools in this project that avoids the precision that usually accompanies digital built processes.
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